Support Local Racing Sticker

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Support Local Racing Sticker


Local short tracks are the foundation of motorsports. Tracks where generations have battled, rivals are tempered and legacies are written. Racers battle on circuits of dirt or asphalt, not for wealth or fame but the love of the sport. From officials and promoters to drivers and teams, they all need the support of fans and sponsors to keep grassroots racing strong. Show your support for local short track racing with our FREE ‘Support Local Racing’ bumper sticker.

  • Bumper sticker

  • 6"w x 3"h

  • 4 mil. white vinyl high gloss (UV)

- Limit 3 per order -

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At Gasroots Project, we believe you love one another and inspire good. The project aims to strengthen and grow grassroots racing through these principles and make a difference in the world. 100% of the profits from apparel sales goes to grassroots racing through team advocacy, merit awards and event sponsorship.