Cool Racing

September 2, 2018

Based in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Cool Racing is a third-generation team with strong short track racing roots. Led by former motocross racer Jimmy Cool, the team is a tight-knit group. They're as eager to make new friends and help others as they are to succeed on track. For the Cool gang, it's all about having fun.

The 2018 season started slow for the team as engine problems delayed on track competition until late summer. On August 11, they brought their IMCA Sport Mod to 141 Speedway for its debut. Fresh vinyl and straight sheetmetal hugged the new chassis. Everyone was optimistic and eager to see what the new hotrod would do, but the engine demanded more attention. With an early end to their night, the well-oiled team accepted the challenge and focused on their next on-track opportunity.

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Jimmy Cool - #39c Owner / Driver

Favorite Short Track: 141 Speedway - Maribel, Wisconsin

Escanaba, Michigan-native and third-generation driver Jimmy Cool grew up around racing. His father, Jim Cool Sr. owned Cool Automotive, an engine shop that built engines for many Upper Peninsula short track racers. Jimmy credits his grandfather, Richard 'Dick' Cool as the reason many people got their start in racing. As a young boy, Jimmy spent many Michigan summer nights at Norway Speedway watching Bob Iverson and son Jamie compete. Now, at age 37 he enjoys helping out Bob's grandson and fellow third-generation racer Robby. The honor of carrying on the Cool name and the relationships Jimmy has formed are what he considers his greatest accomplishments as a driver. He believes that anything is possible if you never give up; keep hustlin' 'til your signature becomes your autograph.


Rio Zoch - Team Manager

Favorite Short Track: 141 Speedway - Maribel, Wisconsin

Rio Zoch loves being outdoors; hiking, fishing, hunting or racing. Having grown up on a lake, Rio finds peace and happiness on or near water. As Operations Manager for Hurley Marine, her passion for water empowers her career. Before dating Jimmy Cool, Rio had only attended short track races as a fan. Now on a team, she loves the learning, teamwork and sense of family the sport provides. Her favorite part about race day is when the car stays in one piece and the night is celebrated with a drink. Rio's positive attitude and cheerful personality are a strong presence in the Cool Racing pit. Not every night goes as planned, but she hopes racing stays fun.


Riley Westerberg - Car Prep

Favorite Short Track: 141 Speedway - Maribel, Wisconsin

A Union Millwright by trade, Riley Westerberg has and eye for detail and is an essential part of Cool Racing. Responsible for car prep on race day, Riley is focused on the team succeeding. He considers Jimmy Cool one of his best friends and enjoys the camaraderie and sense of family at the track. After racing ATVs for several years, Riley competed in short course off road before joining the team. He believes you live for today and pray for tomorrow. As long as he and the team are having fun and enjoy racing, that's all that matters in his mind.


Nick DuPont - Welder / Fabricator

Nick DuPont watched his parents work hard for everything they have and that has inspired him. Helping people whenever he can, working hard and being a good person are what he strives for. Nick believes difficult doesn't mean impossible, it simply means you have to work hard; a quote from former U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt. Nick started racing motocross at a young age and Jimmy Cool was one person he could count on for help. So, whenever Jimmy needs a hand, Nick is more than willing to help. Putting his welding skills to work while helping his friend is something the Ferris State University graduate hopes to continue doing. It's a win, win in his eyes.