2019 Grant Recipients


Photo: RW Motorsports Marketing

Photo: RW Motorsports Marketing

EAH Racing - $500 Award

Racer: Emma Hunstiger
Racer Age: 13
Vehicle: Asphalt INEX Legend
Home Track: Jefferson Speedway
Home State: Wisconsin

Thirteen-year-old Emma Hunstiger believes that actions speak louder than words. Her father Mike has taught her that racing takes a lot of hard work, but with that hard work comes reward. Her hard work and dedication to racing both in the garage and at the track earned her the 2018 Wisconsin Outlaw Bandolero Championship.

Emma’s passion for racing is something she wants to share with others. Whether she is teaching fellow racers, lending her car to new racers or being a positive influence and friend to all of her competitors. Emma’s heart to help people and her compassion for those around her is a shining example for us all.

Away from the track, Emma volunteers at a local nursing home during the summer and is an avid 4H club member. In 2019, Emma will begin racing in the INEX Legends division at Jefferson Speedway in Cambridge, Wisconsin. Her ultimate dream is to compete in the NASCAR Truck Series.

Photo: Liquid Nitro Racing

Photo: Liquid Nitro Racing

Jesse Krahn 55K Racing - $500 Award

Racer: Jesse Krahn
Racer Age: 23
Vehicle: Dirt Street Stock
Home Track: Beaver Dam Raceway
Home State: Wisconsin

Jesse Krahn loves racing, not only because it brings happiness to his life, but also because it brings happiness to others. He believes racing is an opportunity for him to bring joy and smiles to people and that is just as fun and exciting as winning. He knows the racing community is one family and he is always there to help his fellow racers.

Since starting in karts at age five, Jesse wants nothing more than to see short track racing grow. He hopes to impact the next generation of racers by helping one of his young fans who is now racing karts. Jesse wants to be a part of this child’s racing story and ensure he has just as much opportunity to race, have fun and be fast as he did.

2019 will be Jesse’s eighth year in a dirt Street Stock and he is very content in that division. His dream is to run an off-road Torq Truck, but is working toward a dirt Modified. Jesse knows racing will always be a part of his life and as long as he can use it to bring happiness to others, he too will be happy.

Photo: RC Custom Design

Photo: RC Custom Design

Pokorski Motorsports - $500 Award

Racer: Paul Pokorski
Racer Age: 48
Vehicle: 360 Sprint Car
Home Track: Plymouth Dirt Track
Home State: Wisconsin

With 45 feature wins and four championships, Paul Pokorski will tell you racing is hard. He’s learned a lot about perseverance and believes you need to work hard but you also need to have fun; everything in moderation.

Paul was taught you always help your fellow racers if you can and his team embraces that attitude. From sharing parts and labor to giving advice and welcoming new racers, Paul always makes sure he helps people on and off the track. A longtime member of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Paul recently joined Elevate of Washington County where he helps with drug education and recovery for addicts.

Paul currently races 360 Sprint Cars at Plymouth Dirt Track in Plymouth, Wisconsin and is a board member of the Midwest Sprint Car Association (MSA). He plans to race a few more years and then work with younger racers as a mentor and coach. He’d also like to stay involved with local racing organizations as an official, competition director or technical inspector.

Photo: Kim Kemperman

Photo: Kim Kemperman


Racer: JD Rudser
Racer Age: 14
Vehicle: 4-Cylinder FWD
Home Track: Slinger Super Speedway
Home State: Wisconsin

14-year-old JD Rudser believes racing isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. At age four, he was attending races with his father Kevin. As he got older, they regularly traveled to tracks across Wisconsin. They’d listen to race chatter on scanners, buy pit passes and sometimes even help teams. All of these experiences helped JD learn about cars, driving lines, terminology and what is means to be a racer.

Braison Bennett, racer and son of Wisconsin racing legend “Lightning” Lowell Bennett has been a mentor and coach to JD. Braison helped JD build his 4-cylinder Slinger Bee race car and has been a constant help and leader to him as he grows as a driver. JD has learned success isn’t guaranteed, but if you’re smooth and patient, you’ll be fast.

At age fourteen, JD is the next generation of racers and is already setting an example for kids by answering their questions, signing autographs and offering them a seat in his car after the races. He has hopes of being involved with professional racing, either as a driver or crewman.


Thank you to everyone who applied or made a nomination for a Gasroots Grant during our submission period from January 7 thru February 1, 2019. We received over 100 entries and sincerely appreciate the effort and time everyone put into their questionnaires and essays. The stories of passion, dedication and hard work that were submitted are truly inspiring, we wish every team that entered all the best this season and hope to see you at the track.



The Gasroots Grant Program was established to help financially support grassroots-level racing teams that compete in the state of Wisconsin. The goal of the program is to recognize and reward drivers and their teams for their efforts on and off the track. Circle track car/truck, flat track cycle and kart teams are eligible to apply or be nominated during annual January submission period.