JD and
the BEe

Rudser Racing

September 10, 2019

JD Rudser believes racing isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. At age four, he was attending races with his father Kevin. As he got older, they regularly traveled to tracks across Wisconsin. They’d listen to race chatter on scanners, buy pit passes and sometimes even help teams. All of these experiences helped JD learn about cars, driving lines, terminology and what is means to be a racer.

Braison Bennett, racer and son of Wisconsin racing legend “Lightning” Lowell Bennett has been a mentor and coach to JD. Braison helped JD build his 4-cylinder Slinger Bee race car and has been a constant help and leader to him as he grows as a driver. JD has learned success isn’t guaranteed, but if you’re smooth and patient, you’ll be fast.

At age fourteen, JD is the next generation of racers and is already setting an example for kids by answering their questions, signing autographs and offering them a seat in his car after the races. He has hopes of being involved with professional racing, either as a driver or crewman.

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